The Wabbit Warren

We are a small, family owned rabbitry. Our rabbitry is at our own home, which ensures that the rabbits get attention daily and immediate response if a problem occurs. The Wabbit Warren is a closed rabbitry- no visitors allowed in the rabbitry. This limits the spread of disease, and helps promote the health and safety of our rabbits and home. We usually meet with potential buyers in our front yard, not in our rabbitry. The Wabbit Warren is located in the NC Piedmont. We breed selectively for good body type, good fur, and good personalities. All of our rabbits are humanely raised, with daily attention to ensure sociability and spot any problems immediately. We sell rabbits for pet, show, breeding (we can help you whether you breed for pet, show, meat, fur, ect. ), and raw feeding. We currently raise Silver Fox rabbits.

At the Wabbit Warren, we are focused on raising healthy and happy rabbits. The Wabbit Warren rabbits live outdoors, where they can enjoy the sunshine and grass, and live as naturally as possible. Our does are kept in a colony, so that they can enjoy each other's companionship. Our bucks are kept in separate hutches, to control breeding, and are exercised daily. All of our rabbits are fed as naturally as possible. They eat various types of weeds, herbs, grains, grasses, hay, and mineral licks. Please ask us for more information on our pellet-free, natural diet! Our rabbits can be switched to a pellet diet- please ask us for more details on how to go about transitioning the rabbits to pellet foods, as the rabbits do need time to obtain the right gut flora. If you are new to rabbits, have questions about breeding/raising rabbits, or have questions about our services, contact us and we will gladly answer your questions!

If you are considering getting a rabbit for a new pet, or starting a breeding program, PLEASE ask us questions! You should understand exactly what you are getting into before committing yourself to raising a rabbit or rabbits.

If you do not see what you want, contact us and we will accommodate your needs or suggest a way for you to get what you are looking for.