Rabbit Products

This is a new service of The Wabbit Warren! This aspect of The Wabbit Warren is still in progress! Please email us with questions or if you are interested.
Natural Feeding Help
The Wabbit Warren offers grain mixes, alfalfa and grass hay bundles, and potted greens and herbs. The potted greens include dandelions, broad leaf plantain, narrow leaf plantain, blackseed plantain, wild strawberries, white clover, lambs quarters, chicory, and common mallow. The potted herbs include mint, sage, lavender, basil, borage, lemon balm, bee balm, and parsley. We also have a booklet on natural feeding available.
Cage Accessories
                    Toys:                                                     Hiding Holes:                     Hay racks and Nest boxes:
Toys are all completely edible for rabbits. If hiding holes or nest boxes are stained, linseed oil is used.
The Rabbit Shack
Our design for the perfect colony! 10 feet by 10 feet, completely predator proof. Easy to divide into two or three separate runs. A second level is built in along the back wall with a hay loft above. The rabbits can pull the hay down through the wire. The rabbits access the shelf by climbing a ramp. A white roof covers the back section. PICTURE COMING SOON.
Rabbit Tractors
Custom made movable pens! Easy to move, secure pens that enable the rabbits to graze! Perfect for grow-out pens or buck pens. Our tractors are custom made to fit your needs! Prices vary in accordance with the materials used and the complexity of the design. Listed below are some ideas.
Flooring Ideas:
  • 2x3" wire
  • wood slates (heavier and more expensive)
  • 1x2" wire strips on the floor edges (prevent small rabbits from digging out)
Shape Ideas:
  • triangular (less wire, thus lower priced)
  • barn on one end
  • house on one end
  • looks like a lawn mower
  • picket fence around the sides
  • different dimensions
Door Ideas:
  • top access
  • side access
  • hay rack on roof (no triangular shape)
  • hanging hay rack