We sell rabbits for pets, show, breeding, and raw feeders. Live rabbits will not be sold unless they are over 8 weeks old. PLEASE READ OUR SALES POLICY  on the bottom of the For Sale  page!! When you purchase from us, you agree to the Sales Policy posted the For Sale page. We will remind you about it at the time of your purchase. Read it ahead of time so that if you have any questions or concerns, then you can ask us.

Rabbit Products- NEW and under construction
We offer custom made hutches, runs, and tractors (movable pens), as well as hiding holes, toys, and natural feeding foods. The hutches, runs, and tractors are built to fit whatever your needs are- indoor, outdoor, raised off the ground, small, large, strangely shaped, ect. The tractors are often built to look like barns, houses, or other creative ideas. Prices vary on the amount of material used and complexity of the design. The toys are made with completely rabbit-safe, chewable, natural materials. We offer bundles of alfalfa hay, grain, and potted rabbit greens. For more information, visit the Rabbit Products page.

"Wabbits" are friendly, adorable, clean and quiet pets. All of our rabbits are handled from the beginning to ensure that they are sociable. Rabbits are a "medium level" pet- they are easier to take care of than dogs. They are happy indoors or outdoors, with an appropriate diet and housing. Please research what a pet rabbit requires before buying your rabbit. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We often do follow ups, just to be sure that you and your rabbit(s) are doing well.

Although we do not personally show, we strive for healthy, balanced rabbits. Our rabbits are bred for good type and good fur. We have both recognized and unrecognized colors of our rabbits. We would love to hear about your show experience with our rabbits!!

Brood rabbits-
Our rabbits are show quality, with the exception of some unrecognized colors. Of course, some are better than others, and will be priced accordingly. We are happy to help you, whether you breed for pet, show, meat, or fur. We breed for good type, good fur, and good personality (including motherly-ness). We do not offer stud services, except on rare occasions, to prevent the spread of diseases. We would love to hear about any interesting colors/traits that appear with our rabbits! It will help us decipher our rabbits genes.

Raw feeders-
We sell for reptiles, raptors, dogs, cats, or whatever other animal in need of a good source of meat. We are willing to sell in different sizes, age, etc. to fit your animals' needs. If you have questions about raw feeding, please contact us! We have experience raw feeding our own dogs.