Silver Fox breed

The Silver Fox breed is a rare heritage breed. Luckily, the Silver Fox breed moved from Critical to Threatened in 2012. The Silver Fox breed was among the first breeds developed in America. Walter B. Garland developed the Silver Fox breed in Ohio. However, the breed's genetic make up is still unknown. Silver Fox rabbits have unique fur that no other rabbit breed has: when brushed back, Silver Fox rabbit's fur will stand up. Their fur is long and lovely. As the rabbit matures, the fur grows silver tips all over the rabbit's body. The effect is beautiful. Black is the only recognized color of Silver Fox rabbits, but blue and chocolate also occur in the breed. Both the blue and the chocolate varities are in the process of becoming recognized. The Silver Fox adult weight is 9-12 pounds. This breed has very sweet personalities and great mothering skills. We breed our rabbits carefully to ensure that we maximize these good traits.